Our Services

Foster Grandparents Program

Foster Grandparents are role models and friends to children with exceptional needs. The program provides a way for volunteers age 55 and over to stay active by serving children and youth in their communities.

  • Help children learn to read and provide one-on-one tutoring
  • Mentor troubled teenagers and young mothers
  • Care for premature infants or children with disabilities
  • Help children who have been abused or neglected 

After School Program

Jefferson Park Ministries’ youth program strives to help the community achieve success by promoting positive educational experiences, leading to growth and development. After School programs serve low income families by providing homework assistance to students to help achieve their academic goals which includes social skills building as well.
JPM After School (k-8th) – JPM youth program strives to help students achieve success in school and become more confident in themselves by promoting positive educational experience, leading to responsible development and positive change.  The Afterschool program give kids a chance to interact with peers in order to build their social skills. The program is built around fun activities. Making friends may be easier for some students in this environment. The Afterschool program includes many opportunities to socialize. Kids would help each other, check answers and complement each other’s work. During gym time, they would dance together or play games. Rarely did they work or play alone. Kids feel more comfortable interacting with teachers.

Summer Camp – The primary purpose of the summer camp is educational and/or cultural development. The environment may allow children to take healthy risks in a safe and nurturing environment.

Family Success Center

Family Success Center is a place where any community resident can go for family support, information and services such as computer classes, ESL classes, financial literacy, and family strengthening program, fatherhood initiative, family games, family picnic and movie night.

ESL Classes
English as a second language (ESL) classes are offered for new immigrants, and other adults whose first language is something other than English. Varying levels of ESL classes help adult students of varying proficiency levels. Programs can be made up of informal sessions that focus on conversation, or they can include structured courses that focus on written and oral proficiency. ESL classes are typically offered in the morning or evening for adult students
  • Beginner ESL – Beginner classes are for those who speak little or no English. These classes focus on basic conversational English speaking and reading skills needed for survival. Vocabulary lessons might cover words needed for routine activities, such as catching a bus, renting an apartment, finding a job and cashing a paycheck. Adults who complete a beginner program can move up to intermediate programs, which include instruction in English grammar and reading.
  • Intermediate – Intermediate programs are designed for adults who have good speaking skills, but who may need help with reading and writing in English. These programs prepare adult students for career training to enter the workforce or to move on to advanced English programs that can prepare them for college courses.

Computer Classes

  • Computer Class offers basic instruction on computers. Classes geared toward older adults emphasizing straightforward learning of computer basic.
  • Life skill program- Life skills are important and are necessary for us to survive.  They are what we use to advance through our lives.  They are gained and developed as we grow and age through the experiencing of trials and struggles. As these types of things happen in a person’s life they learn these Life skills and they begin to become greater and more important. Another way to learn and strengthen life skills are through involvement of uplifting programs such as seminars, life coaching programs, and other types of positive uplifting encounters.

Family support services can help in times of crisis when a family member or loved one becomes ill, or when things get difficult at home for other reasons. These family support services may include:

  • Information and referral
  • Family and individual counseling
  • Recreation
  • Support groups

Health Information

Please contact us for Health Referrals.