Jefferson Park Ministries

frequently asked questions

Jefferson Park Ministries, Inc (JPM) is a 501 ( c ) tax exempt, faith- based nonprofit organization with a more than a decade of record providing quality and needed social service programs to Union residents in New Jersey. JPM provides a range of culturally competent services for the immigrant community, and serves other at risk-populations.

Jefferson Park Ministries’ mission is the commitment to serve immigrant families and youth by providing services that enhance their quality of life while promoting empowerment to manage their day to day activities.

JPM would like to reach out to all residents of Union County immigrant families and youth.

JPM will be beneficial to the health of the public by providing family supports to ensure that all individuals and families are treated with respect while we are helping them achieve their own goals. By meeting their social needs which enrich mental health, and increase self esteem.

JPM plans to implement its goals into the local community goals by enriching the lives of children and adults to make families and neighborhoods strong. Collaborating with other organizations within the community, promote healthy family.

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