Pwogram Aprè Lekòl

Jefferson Park Ministries’ youth program strives to help the community achieve success by promoting positive educational experiences, leading to growth and development. After School programs serve low income families by providing homework assistance to students to help achieve their academic goals which includes social skills building as well.
JPM After School (k-8th) – JPM youth program strives to help students achieve success in school and become more confident in themselves by promoting positive educational experience, leading to responsible development and positive change.  The Afterschool program give kids a chance to interact with peers in order to build their social skills. The program is built around fun activities. Making friends may be easier for some students in this environment. The Afterschool program includes many opportunities to socialize. Kids would help each other, check answers and complement each other’s work. During gym time, they would dance together or play games. Rarely did they work or play alone. Kids feel more comfortable interacting with teachers.

Summer Camp – The primary purpose of the summer camp is educational and/or cultural development. The environment may allow children to take healthy risks in a safe and nurturing environment.